For Frank

Shhhhh…I’ve got a secret…I met a man online and things have gotten…interesting.

We haven’t met in person. I haven’t even heard his voice yet. Slow and naughty – that’s the ticket!

We exchanged saucy notes all evening and I went to bed wanting more. It’s been a long time since I felt a man’s hands on my body. So long since I’ve lowered myself onto a hard dick, hot and wet, ready for a long ride.

I sighed. Frank’s words on my phone screen had my panties soaking but my roommate is home and the walls are thin – not a good time for my usual Bedtime Orgasm.

I slipped into bed with a shake of my head. No use obsessing over something you can’t have. The throbbing of my pussy disagreed and it wasn’t five minutes before my hand found it’s way between my legs.

Maybe just a little squeezing pressure would be enough? I was tired, so it wouldn’t be long before I fell asleep.

Squeezing soon led to circular motions over my panties, loving the feel of fabric against hair, surprised at how very wet I was. An exploratory finger slipped under the cloth, just a tiny feel…

Oh, my! I was wetter than I’ve been in a long time. Knowing I had to be very quiet, I slid my hand into my panties, squeezing the lips over my clit, savoring, for just a moment, that giddy anticipation.

As I stroked a finger down each side of my clit, I pictured Frank’s fingers doing the same thing. I stroked in circles up each side, the picture in my mind of Frank’s fingers sliding into and out of my soaking pussy, slow and deep, getting faster as the pressure built.

Bottom lip between teeth, I smothered my sighs in the pillow, turning onto my stomach, one leg bent for easier stroking.

My fingers began to move faster as I pictured Frank rolling onto his back, holding me tight to him, pulling my knees up astraddle his hips. Playfully, I slid my moistness along the length of him, his throbbing echoing my own.

My imagination afire, I poised above him, pussy lips slowly swallowing his throbbing cock inch by inch, each stroke longer and harder until my clit rubbed against his pubic bone with a satisfying lurch.

Breathing hard, I paused and looked into his eyes. At his nod of approval, I began to move in earnest, my goal in sight. Up and down, forward and back, I rode him until my climax washed over me, my pussy gripping him hard, and again, again, until the last wave passed over me.

Hands on my hips, he moved me along his cock, breath coming in short gasps until a final thrust and shudder marked his release and I collapsed onto his chest.

When I opened my eyes, I saw only the darkness of my own bedroom, my fantasy done, fingers wet, pussy throbbing with aftershocks.


For Frank